A Trip to Cape Town

Me and my fiancé, the lovely Lulu, went down to Cape Town in May to look at wedding venues. This is a taste of the trip to this beautiful part of the world.

Here is a selection of the images, see the full gallery by clicking here.

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Recent shots on ‘Le Boeuf’ the Mamiya

Misbehaving Technology
Toby, on set, looking through some ones and zeros that were misbehaving.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Acros 100
Things Go Wrong
Sometimes, loading a roll of film wrong creates magic. Sometimes is ruins an image. Which is this..?
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Acros 100
A Pear
I’ve always loved still lives. Especially of fruit and veg. Combine this with the fact I shoot film and this makes me nostalgic. Or a massive relic. 
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Acros 100
Every year she sounds sweeter.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Acros 100 
Overcome with Lines
Architecture, vertigo and a day out with friends.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Acros 100
I don’t know which I prefer more of in the photo: Ben Skinner, an artist’s moustache in semi-profile, or that tapestry fading into bokeh behind him.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Acros 100
I never get tired of photographing this beautiful girl.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Provia 100
Orchid Study
I’m just glad these are still alive…
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Provia 100
Dad & Coco
My father and the adorable Coco, named after Chanel, outside the delectable Hillcrest Berry Farm in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. I had some seriously delicious scones there.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Provia 100
Tree and Roof
The shop at Hillcrest Berry Farm in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Provia 100
My father a man whom, I am glad to say, I respect immensely.
Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Provia 100
Pear and Oranges
Pears are delicious. Except when they are floury. I suspect this one was. So I shot it instead of eating it.

Mamiya RZ67, Fuji Provia 100
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Tastebud Delights at Tintswano

The Tintswano restaurant at the Waterfall Equestrian Estate is a treat. Though aimed squarely at the very wealthy with horses in tow, don’t let that put you off going. Also, the name of the place where you eat is called The Feed Room. Twee. Don’t let that put you of either.

The food prepared by the quiet and talented chef Eric Hlatshwayo is delicately balanced and superbly flavorful.

Photographing the dishes was wonderful and tasting them a real joy. See more of the images from the shoot in the latest issue of Joburg Style (out early 2014) and on their website right now with recipes.

Medeo @ Monte Casio

Shooting at Medeo, the huge, lavish restaurant at the Palazzo at Monte Casino Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg was quite lovely.

The setting was lush and opulent. The chef, Arnold Stuurman, was inviting and interesting, and the food was bloody brilliant – exceptionally presented and wonderfully nuanced. 

Enjoy some of the photos here and see them in the current (Nov 2013) issue of Joburg Style magazine.


A few months back I shot the Carnivore restaurant for Joburg Style magazine with the slightly open brief of “Just try not to make it look gross”. I half joke and paraphrase but Carnivore is a big restaurant that brings out huge skewers of meats of all kinds at a bewildering pace – photographing this was not going to be easy, especially for a style magazine.

The manager at Carnivore unwittingly had a lovely solution: sit down and eat and shoot as and when it pleases me. An idea I had no trouble in jumping on.

Sitting and enjoying the food as a guest would proved the perfect way to pace the shoot and prepare the plates. No food stylists in THIS kitchen! Just massive open fires hot enough to melt your shirt off if you walk too close. Luckily I happened to have an amazing food stylist on hand: Tallula aka my girlfriend. The waiters/slashers would come past with massive skewers of meats and slice onto our plates till we shouted STOP and then we got to tasting and arranging and plating and drizzling sauce over the crispy, still sizzling meat and venison.

I’m quite sure the other patrons thought we were barking mad, some Food-Instagramers taking it a little too far. I no one old lady was particularly intrigued as to why I painstakingly filled a plate with food only to go outside and put it on the floor and star waling around it taking photographs. The reason? There was some lovely slate stone outside I wanted as a background surface for that plate. Same reason I put the next one on the wooden floor near the window – nice wooden floor and great light equals winning. Yip, she and others thought I was completely bonkers. Which only made it more fun.

I also needed to get some shots of the space and the chef, both of which pleased me immensely as I love portraiture and decor as much as shooting food.

And lest I forget to mention some of the meats we ate: springbok, warthog, beef, pork, chicken, gemsbok and….. CROCODILE! (That’s the pic below. Which, you guessed it, tasted like chicken…)

Finally, me and my girlfriend – both terribly full and happy – plonked ourselves back into the Sundowner seat on my Harley Davidson and we headed off home with exhausted taste buds and full memory cards.

If you are a carnivore, this place is lots of delicious. Just make sure you go hungry