Happy New Years

Where did 2012 go?

How was 2012 for you? I had lots of ups and a few notable downs. I ate really well. I drank lovely wines and heady whiskeys. I met new, wonderful people. A few people really let me down. I realised how lucky I am to have the people around me that I do. I became dad-dad to the most awesome kitten ever. EVAR. Pic below. Doting cat-father. Sorry.


I changed camera systems from Canon to Olympus. It was a little bit terrifying. It helped me realise it’s just stuff. Just gear. Our vision is what matters. If you don’t already, follow David DuChemin. His writing is wonderful. His message clear and important. But since I mentioned gear and my change to Olympus I’ll quickly say it has been a breath of fresh air. The photograph of Pablo above is an untouched shot out of the Olympus OM-D with the 45mm on the front. Captured using the touch screen focus and shoot function, I could not have gotten this with my Canons. And aside from some growing pains, I’m happier with this system. A few paying shoots in that bag and I am no longer nervous about the change but rather elated. It made me see that my vision is what makes the photograph. Not the camera. It’s easy to preach, you hear and read it all the time and just assume it’s true for you too and you carry on the gear lust with that vision thing as a rationalisation. But it was only after this process of change and worry that I realised it in myself. I’m not advocating an overhaul of your camera bag, but maybe nudge yourself a little outside your comfort zone a bit and see what happens…

Instead of resolutions this year, I’m looking back on what happened to me, good, bad and wonderful. I’m looking at how my photography and art moved forward and where it didn’t that I wanted it to. I’m looking at what I achieved and giving myself a pat on the back. If you’re alive and smiling, give yourself one too. Well done. I find new years resolutions make us do the opposite – chide ourselves for things not done and areas where we want to improve ourselves. So I’m not making any new years resolutions this year. Rather, I’m reflecting on a year past and a year yet to come and planting little seeds in the back of my subconscious about where I’d like to see myself in the future.

The one resolution I made last year this time has not come true. In fact it went the other way. I’m not going to be hard on myself about it. I’m going to look at what happened and reassess. I think they call that growth. Or wisdom. In either case, I am working on gaining a little of both – need a lot more of the former before I can claim even a little of the latter…

So wherever you are, whatever you do and whatever your dreams, I’d like to thank you for reading my little blog this year and for commenting and emailing and being a part of my life. May your dreams come true and may your resolutions, if you make any, happen.

And if I do end up bowing to societal pressure and I decide to make a new year’s resolution, it’ll be to win the lottery. Maybe that’s a terrible resolution. Talk about disappointment! Here’s holding thumbs. 😉

See you in 2013.