Sarah & David’s Wedding

Sarah and David had a beautiful, small ceremony and reception at Olive ‘n Twist in Northgate on the 5th of October 2013.

We really love intimate weddings like this one where the smallness of the venue and the wonderful effort put into the decorations by family and friends all combine to create a truly unique and special day.

You could tell from their closeness that David and Sarah have been together since high-school. They were natural and beautiful and it was a joy to photograph them.

Here is a selection of images from the day. You can see the rest and order prints here.


Katinka & Zak’s Wedding

Just over a year ago (happy anniversary you two!) we shot a wonderful garden wedding with Katinka and Zak.

Held in a big, gorgeous old house in Houghton, Johannesburg, this wedding was uber relaxed and super fun. Best part? Zak made the beer for the whole thing. Let me repeat that, he MADE the beer. Good lord it was delicious…

Thanks Katinka and Zak for the beer and for letting us be the lucky buggers who got to capture your special day.


Katinka & Zak’s Wedding

This past weekend I shot Katinka and Zak’s Wedding.

It was a really lovely day. They had the ceremony and reception in the garden of one of the big, beautiful gardens of a house in Houghton, an old Johannesburg suburb known for it’s sprawling homes.

Here are some of the photographs. All images are viewable and prints available by clicking here.